Why Retirement is Good for the Economy

Today is Sunday. This week, the front page news reported that North Korea developed a hydrogen bomb pissing off the UN, the drug lord El Capo has been captured which meant the flow of drugs may be shortened by 10% and  Chris Christie is still in the race (really). In my world, I am pouring through recipes saved to my iPad and clipped from newspapers deciding what marinade I should put on tonight’s chicken dinner and what wine goes with it.

If not for the football playoffs, the church service (which still only takes place on Sundays at 10 AM) and my tiredness from last night’s dance, it could have been any day of the week. The weekends are great but were always just a break from the routine of work and my corporate friends. Retirement, however means shopping, socializing and exploring at off-peak times at local shops where someone does know my name.  What once was my work week is now just my five-days .

The shopping experience is enhanced through a conversation with the shop owners who during the week are usually hopeful for any verbal exchange. It usually leads to a sale. Required visits with a relative are less of an obligation as a random act of kindness. Although there are events that are meant for the throngs of visitors to my little town which many of the locals avoid (Applefest), many of nights include weekday jazz with outdoor dining and ladies night on Thursdays where it is just us town folks.

How does this help the economy? How does it hurt? Isn’t it better than hearing about bombs, killings and Donald. Tonight, my husband and I might go to Eddie’s Roadhouse and have dinner where Eddie will say “Hi Ginny and Tony” and I will talk to woman next to me, who lives down the street.

Warwick green

Warwick Green Photo by Ginny



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