My life and times through Glenn Frye

It was the early seventies and I was in my early 20s. I didn’t know it then but the Eagles were a backdrop to many of my times and now my memories. Sometimes, it was just the song playing in the background of a night at my local pub. Other times, the song said what I felt. Although I don’t want to believe it, it might be that I will never reminisce those times with those songs without being sad now that Glenn Frye is gone. He and the Eagles wrote the songs that made up my life.

I still see myself in that North Bergen pub just about 4 blocks from home where the music was either being belted from the local garage band or from the jukebox playing any one of the great songs by the Eagles.  Those songs bring back memories of the touching lyrics of Lyin’ Eyes that brought to light how my two-timing boyfriend did not deserve me. Desperado that soulful anthem to a misspent youth which finally gave way to relinquishing my free spirit to join the corporate forces in order to make money. And, of course, Tequila Sunrise – yes there were a few.

As time went on, my association with the Eagles and their songs continued to be an expression of me. My husband and kids came to anticipate my verbal comebacks of “get over it”. Then the older songs came back into the picture with Witchy Woman (I’m sure that was what the kids called me) and Best of My Love was a romantic moment with my husband.

I can’t imagine the Eagles will pull out of this. Did the Grateful Dead make it without Garcia, or the Doors without Morrison? Can’t be done. Henley will go out on his own and the rest will be playing in small clubs. I already miss Glenn Frye. I will always think of my own past when I hear the Eagles. I just wish it wasn’t over already.




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