Where Everybody Knows Your Name

winter 2008Last Saturday, the first snow storm of the winter blanketed the tristate leaving many people stuck in their community. If you live in a walkable town like Hoboken and its a non-work day, snow is a gift. Residents take control of the unclogged, traffic-free streets visiting bars and restaurants and being tempted into throwing snow at someone. There is no politics or unrest today. The world is at peace and everyone is your friend.

If you live in Warwick, you are in a winter wonderland of mountain vistas interrupted by the occasional neighbor in snowshoes or cross-country skis. If you went out the night before, you aren’t moving so quickly the day after. Chilling fits the mood of the weather perfectly. If you didn’t, inviting some neighbors to walk over for wine and appys around a rousing game of Monopoly might be the way to go. Expelling the energy in one night always seems like the right choice when you are in the middle of a fun time. Next day, maybe not. Some lessons are never learned.

Last Friday (previously referred to as “the night before”) my husband and I went to a restaurant bar up the street where a local cover band was playing songs from the 60s and 70s. We danced. We drank, etc., etc. We ran into other neighbors who joined us in dancing and drinking. Its Hoboken for the over 55 set.  We are not running to Florida. Its cold and I like it. Next up Super Bowl and I’m told it is serious chili and wings business around here.


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  1. Diane Burkr · February 1, 2016

    Love reading your blog!


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