Oscar Night, Movies and Me


It is my favorite night when the Academy Awards are distributed to the deserving and those who are favorites but undeserving. Historically, I have spent the night with someone who loves watching the ladies and gents of the screen sashay down the red carpet in slithering gowns or tuxes while my friend and I spend the night going off our diets to indulge in forbiden delights such as twinkles, devil dogs and other overly sweet culinary memories of our youth. This year, I am with my daughter who I molded to enjoy watching the Oscars as much as I do but our indulgences are with champagne and caviar.

Unable to predict who might win this year, I instead will reveal some of my Oscar-worthy picks. While there are movies from this era that I could have selected, I decided to limit the choices to classic films of earlier days.

Movies I hated but couldn’t stay away from: Midnight Cowboy and Clockwork Orange

I saw both movies in the theatre on a first date. You wonder why a guy would think this subject matter was a good one to take a girl out for the first time. So did I. At this juncture,  I can appreciate both movies for their art but find the subject matter difficult to enjoy but watch them every time they are on. As for the dates, they were the first and only.

Movies about women with magical powers over men: Casablanca and On The Waterfront

Both are examples of a fine young woman falling in love with a bad ass boy who through her love and understanding transforms him to be a honorable and forth right citizen.  In can only happen in the movies. In real life, never but after all that is why we go to the movies.

PpMovies whose heroine recited a line I always wanted to say: All About Eve and A Lion In Winter

Betty Davis in All About Eve when on the night of her birthday party, her jealousy of Eve gets the better of her- “Fasten your seat belts”, she says while holding the first of many martinis. “You’re in for a bumpy ride.”

Katherine Hepburn in Lion in Winter who, when her vulturous sons realize that their mother is against their plot to overthrow their father King Henry II snidely states, “my, my whatever shall we do with mother”. I just like being snide.

Movies that are revered in their art but I hated: Citizen Kane (so the camera showed the ceiling of the room for the first time, big deal),  that stupid movie with Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek (I’m convinced it was made so that Sheen can parade around without his shirt on showing off his pecs) and Apocolypse Now. Aside from Sheen being shirtless again, the only memorable scene was Duval proclaiming “I love the smell of napon in the morning”.

Finally, there are movies that I like for a reason that may only make sense to me: Godfather 3 because Michael had to pay for wacking his brother and anything by Scorcesse in spite of it not being good (Casino) because his soundtrack is terrific.

So I will now pour my champagne and enjoy the show.



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