Everything Old Is New Again

If you get to go through the circle of life long enough, you become a part of history that comes back in some reconstructed way. The pieces of wardrobe you threw out because it seemed obsolete has reappear as the next best trend. As much as I say “I wish I kept that Huckapoo blouse”, it had seen better days and would now look like I was going to a costume party.

Moving on to the presidential campaign. In some past elections, there have been candidates that were not taken seriously. Dukakis in the tank , Carter the second time around, and Sarah Palin. They weren’t elected but what I find interesting is that with the exception of Palin they were all Democrats (what’s wrong with this picture). Sorry to do this but I have to take Trump seriously. I didn’t at first but well….maybe now. It at least gives the SNL writers a great season and entertains me – #you can’t make this stuff up.

Finally, we have to suffer through reliving the 70s culture in the new HBO series Vinyl and the OJ Simpson Trial of the 90s. With Vinyl, it is a sight for cocaine addicted eyes. Was everyone really that stoned – in some circles, yes. Not me – TBT.  I’m glad it’s not or wasn’t my world. With the OJ thing, I still can’t believe that the prosecutor so misjudged her audience. A lesson in ego-centrical miscalculation.

But, it is never too late for an old dog to learn a better trick. Such was the case when I recently went to a class to learn how to make a pie. As much as I love to cook, I could not make proper pie crust that didn’t look like the terrain of a nuclear blast. I listened very intently to the instructor and then went home to order $100 worth of gadgets from Amazon that she claimed will produce the perfect crust. She demonstrated its use with such ease I am sure it will work. Of course she has been making pies for over 20 years. But my fall back is if all this equipment fails to produce the expected results, it will be recycled and wrapped for my next “white elephant gift exchange party”.  Moral of the story – don’t stop believing in tomorrow.





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