Senior Moment


ginny in germanyWe had a wonderful weekend Tony and I. Took a short weekend break by going to the Berkshires where we spent many trips with the kids and getting away from the kids just for a little while. This time it was to get away from the headaches the daily mail brings with bills that have me on hold waiting for the damn “representative” to answer, decisions on medical plans that have my head spinning and the dust from the basement renovation that my contractor won’t let me clean yet.

Coming home, its all there waiting for me along with one more task – signing up for medicare. For my younger friends, it is a requirement to sign up three months before your 65th. So I did it today. It felt like the day my former employer who had a mass layoff due to relocating sent to everyone a document revealing the age of all the employees leaving. There it was like a exposed nipple coming through a blouse in a family picture. I was so busted.

Maybe many of my co-workers knew it all along but were kind enough not to show it. Maybe it wasn’t such a big deal to them but it was to me. I was working in a department where the average age was probably 35 and I was most certainly the oldest kid on the block. I have to say, I never felt out of place or like I was a dinosaur. For me, it was great to be among people who were my kids age without the motherhood work.

In three months, I will officially be a senior citizen. I’m still not sure I can get my head around that. There’s still a lot of livin’ to do.


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  1. jenni9jump · March 24, 2016

    True, turning 65 is a shock to the system, but, getting rid of $800 worth of insurance bills each month can be quite liberating. Spend it on shoes????


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