The World According to Me

I had a moment of weakness. This week, I decided I wanted to get a job. I couldn’t see myself in a retail store, waiting for customers to come in so I can say “Hello, let me know if I can help you” which they never do. No,I imagined being in corporate but on my terms. I was that stupid. I came to my senses but I have to post why I came close to returning to land of spreadsheets and excel formulas.

When I spoke about it to friends and family, most thought I was doing it because of boredom. It was not. If I sit in front of the TV any afternoon it is an act of self-indulgence that will never make up for the 40 years I spent working in the corporate world having to account for every minute in the form of a productive life. It is not indifference to the social world. I love my community and feel assured I made the right decision to live here.

So what was it. It as about one reason – I was loosing my edge. A situation occurred this week that never would have happened had I been on my game. While I am embarrassed to say it, I almost fell for a scam that I would never have fallen for before leaving the workforce. I tried to sell something on Craigslist which resulted in someone asking for money they claimed was in my PayPal account (which it wasn’t) for the payment of the item plus the shipping expenses that I was to wire to a mover. It was a total scam. Keep in mind, I live in a community where I buy eggs from a farmer who puts the eggs in a cooler unattended. I pick up the dozen eggs, place the money in an envelope in the cooler and leave.

I prided myself in being savvy enough not to be  hustled, mugged or conned (post #3). This week, I came back to reality. It is almost like that movie “Room” where a woman and her son locked in a shed never experienced the outside world for seven years. I forgot that beyond my little village and within my loving friends and family, scum of the earth exists to take advantage of those they can take advantage of. Lesson learned. I just got wiser because of the experience. As far as going back to work, maybe. I’ll see if I can be fulfilled by practicing my excel skills in other ways and getting back to reality.


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