The fantasy of GOT

Before I was a reader of classics and some unclassic (or unclassy) books, I read comic books. My library consisted mostly of the Superman and Batman series. Superheros were my thing and those over emphasized biceps, chiseled facial features and washboard tummies printed on cheap paper made this 12 year old googoo eyed. The images came through with piercing eyes, strong and righteous who would never hurt anyone that didn’t deserve it.

Is it no surprise that it took a while before my expectations of men reduced the fantasy to an even playing field of commonplace males who although they would not “leap tall buildings in a single bound” would fit in reality and allow me to find the right guy. Then came Jon Snow (sigh)

Episode 5 "Kill The Boy"

Episode 5 “Kill The Boy”

I started to watch Game of Thrones when my youngest son made it a standard Sunday night ritual. At first, I had a somewhat feminine reaction – “it’s too dark, its characters are too scruffy and the men are covered in fur – no biceps, no washboard abs, and too much hair”. But I stuck with it and started paying attention to the characters. With eyes wide shut, I overlooked the more bloody and morally scandalous scenes that brought historical accuracy to the series. I found the story lines so unpredictable, much like life, and wondered who would win if the election was determined through trial by combat. Or imagined any politician walking completely nude through Washington while members of the faith yelled “SHAME”. It might be ugly. At least Cersei is attractive naked.

However, I came to enjoy the show and found my superhero, Jon Snow. He is righteous, to a fault and may be dead because of it, has big shoulders and piercing eyes. The last time my anticipation of a hero’s outcome kept me in awe  was when JR was shot. Although far from being a superhero he had his appeal.  Tonight, I am planting myself in front of the big screen TV, with all my required drinks or foods within arms reach, not budging, waiting to find out “Is Jon Snow really dead”. I hope not. I have high hopes for this one to leap the tall buildings, save Stanza and Ariel, torment Ramsey and make Tyrion his Hand. It may take the season to find out but I will wait.


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