Working Spontaneously

As much as I love the NY Times for its investigating reporting, it lies short on lifestyles articles particularly when they feature the privileged population that does not represent 90% of the world they pretend to focus on. Saturday’s NY Times included an article on retirement that talked about how retirees are finding fulfillment in working  as consultants and volunteering because they had no life except for work. They claim that most of the retirement community had no interests or hobbies except maybe to read the NY Times and Wall Street Journal as a form of entertainment. To that I say rubbish.

Having lived in this 55+ community for 9 months now, I have yet to hear anyone say they wish they were back at work. I disagree with the article’s position that retirees miss the structure and stimulation of their working life.  My definition of that life was called stress.

My husband will officially retire in two weeks. He has already planned three motorcycle trips this summer with his club that include Virginia, Lake George and Niagara Falls. We also have a trip planned together to Spain in June. We now travel during the week when rates are cheaper, without having to squeeze trips into the vacation time allotted and within our schedule not the company’s. Biggest dilemma, where to go next – Denver, Toronto, South of France? We aren’t thinking about how to fill up days. We worry we can’t fit it all in.

Friday, under a gorgeous sun at 4 pm, we had a community barbecue. Originally planned for Saturday, the weather forecast convinced us to change the plans and have it on Friday. Only in the retirement world can a last minute change be made and to a Friday resulting in a 90% turn out. The next day, the beer keg still had lots left so another gathering took place to attempt to empty its contents. After all, what else do we have to do but to be spontaneous. A great time was had by all.



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