Our Children, a Little Older and Wiser


It was the traditional Memorial Weekend visit from my daughter who ever year escapes Miami which she says becomes infiltrated with riffraffs and assorted other undesirables. Why this becomes a yearly occurrence and why on happens on just this particular holiday is not clear. But this particular weekend was not traditional. My husband and I both retired. He from his career in print production and I as the navigator to my children’s destiny. I am their mother now in spirit and that is good.

I looked at all three of them in a different light. They are out in the world dealing with adversity in their own way. They have been for a while. I just hadn’t noticed.

This photo depicts each child as they are. My oldest son, Anthony is the nurturer. He took care of everyone and still does. This October he will become a father and I can see that he will raise his child with good care and sensible logic.

My daughter Christine is the sensitive one. She feels and cares for others maybe a little too much. I always felt I had to protect her more and worry about her more. She has been the one to take chances, not always with satisfying results but she tries. She has a story to tell and one day she will tell it her way.

And Thomas, the mischivous one. He moved into his apartment this weekend, setting up house with his girlfriend. He is the one who doesn’t reveal much and I found that sometimes to be frustrating. Then he comes around and surprises me with a decision that he figured out on his own. It is usually the right one. I just have to patient.

I still worry about them. It is hard not to but I’m finally realizing it is not for me to take on their weight. They can handle it. I’ll try not to offer advise unless they want it. I will always be there for them but it will be on their terms. I’m okay with that and will officially retire from that part of my life too.




  1. juliasamir · May 30, 2016

    😙 Beautiful Ginny, Thank you..


  2. Diane Burke · May 30, 2016

    Lovely reading this, reminds me i should make a recording of my life as mother and grandmother!


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