57 Channels and there’s nothing on

Without the stress of corporate life and pushing the clock to get more out of the day, I have finally been able to look forward to an evening of  watching TV and not falling asleep before the show is over. Something I haven’t done much of since my early teens. In those early years, the line up of shows I would enjoy included those with simple humor, Dobie Gillis, whose fruitless search for the love of his life never got him anywhere, the manliness of  Bonanza (I think I had a crush on Little Joe) and the ever funny I Love Lucy (how could you not like her). Not that I haven’t watched anything since, but it seems I can’t find my niche in this reality TV world.

I have never been able to stick to a consistent schedule of reality show watching. I may be snobbish about that but the likes of Dancing with whoever, somebody’s Voice and the guy who made a name for himself by firing apprentices never drew me in. I did watch Housewives of NJ for a while but it hasn’t held me since the table flipping episode. I like slapstick drama.

So after spending 15 minutes scrolling through all the hundreds, or maybe thousands, of stations I am paying over $50 a month for, I am left with a safe bet – some movie I have seen before and were from before 1982.

I’m still drawn to the sarcasm of All About Eve, the transgender humor of Some Like It Hot, and the sultriness of On The Waterfront (I could cry over the part when he could have been a contender). Yes, I know I’m quoting movies from the 50s. I just can’t think of any TV show that I followed regularly. Correction, I did binge watch House of Cards and of course there was Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones but damn it, neither of them are on!! Just when I get into a show, it stops for what seems like 2 years before it picks up again and then I can’t remember what happened before.

In a few minutes, I will succumb to watching the pinnacle of reality TV, the Presidential debates. As candidates, I can’t say the choice is definitive. As a TV show,  this could be the best program produced all year.  I will plant myself in front of the TV and watch the former star of The Apprentice and the former lady of the house try try to make each other look unqualified, uneducated and stupid.  Unless one of them throws up on the carpet, I am sure it will not change anyone’s mind as to who they will vote for. But, it should make for a good show.




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