Remembering my First

anthony_meWhen I saw him for the first time, it all came back. He had the same long fingers as my father, the same brow and mouth of his father and peaceful, even happy expression that made me believe he was aware of his surroundings and the love around him. His hair was light brown, almost reddish and blue eyes that eventually turned brown. He made that whimpering sound when he was hungry searching for the food of his mother’s breast. That was Anthony John and now it is Anthony Mario, son of my son.

For all my kids, I compiled a baby book of their first few years with photos of each school year, the sport teams they played on and the birthday parties they had. At each birthday for the first three years, I wrote about how they developed in their personalities.  I sat down to look at those words today before handing his book off to my son. My words at one years old, “as a newborn, you smiled a lot and when you started to laugh, it was right from the belly”. At two, “you were a caring brother to your sister and always tried to calm her when she cried. No one could make her laugh as hard as you did”. And at three, “I loved your creativity when you would take pasta boxes and books and make cities out of them”.

I’m so glad I wrote those words as I will look at Anthony Mario’s personality as he grows and maybe see if he will have the same traits as his father.  Life changed so much when I had Anthony John. Life is changing again for me with this little guy now in it. He doesn’t know it, but he came at just the right time when I needed the beauty of a new life to love. Strange how life evolves. Anthony John came at a time when we lost my father-in-law and needed him to fill the void. He did and carried the name handsomely.

Today, the memories will live on in social media for as long as there is Facebook, Instagram and this blog. I will post life’s events and photos for all to see to enjoy and for me to remember.



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