Winter is Coming

winter-is-comingIt is the day after Halloween and the four bags of candy we bought are still in the caldron I placed them in. I think we had three groups which didn’t make a dent in the supply of treats. But it is over and so is the warmer weather. Next is the slow decent of the temperatures reaching a pinnacle somewhere around late January. One day it was 75 degrees, the next 55. I’m not sad. I just move on.

I have learned to adapt. Only last year, I was Zumba-ing. I gave it up last month when I twisted my leg trying to keep up with the instructor. I’d like to think the teacher didn’t understand me by making speedy twists that made me look spastic and playing indiscernible music that was just loud. I do yoga now. It’s a quiet workout, with serene stretching which I need more anyway to keep the joints limber.

I use to ski downhill. I do cross country now. If you haven’t tried it, it is more challenging than you think. Maybe I don’t love it like I did downhill, but I’m not afraid of falling and it is less threatening to the knees. Plus the drink at day’s end tastes just as fulfilling.

I don’t see my life as changed as much as I see it has evolved to what I worked so hard to get. I raised a family, got the home I wanted and through a series of satisfying days, it all rolled up into a mature state of mind. I’ve shed the things that I don’t need or can do without. I can do without hurting myself trying to do something I’m not comfortable with or capable of anymore. Those things have been modified or replaced. No loss and all the gain.

So with winter coming, I hope it snows enough to get me on those skis where the vistas are beautiful and the pubs pour nice wine and beer. I want the holidays to be filled with friends, new and old. I want family around me particularly my new little one. We will certainly travel – where I’m not sure yet but it is in discussion or it may be spontaneous. And when winter finally does come, I’ll be ready.







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