As Long As I Can

Finally its done. The Holidays of 2017 are history with all its great times and some stress. Like other years, its highs and lows rolls up into a memory. Some years blend into the other and inevitably,  I don’t recall what year a vacation occurred. Luckily, I still remember the vacation; just not sure exactly when.

With Christmas decorations put away, the house looked stark and different. I wondered why I picked yellow for the color of the walls in the guest bedroom and basement family room. Two years ago, it must have been the trend. This week it looked wrong and washed out. So with color palette in hand, I decided to change the color of both rooms and, in order to make it easier on the checkbook, paint it myself.

Truthfully, I’m not a good painter. I usually don’t use a drop cloth (just some newspaper strewn on the floor) or cover the furniture. I just hope for the best and usually get more paint in my hair and clothes than anywhere else. Another technique that would send a professional painter cringing is rather than move the furniture, I stand on it as a ladder, inching my way along the wall until I run out of furniture and hopefully the wall. As I do this, I think to myself, “you are getting older. Better not change the color again or I will wind up in serious trouble on the floor”.

Last summer, I fell off a bike, twice. Twice I landed on my left elbow. Luckily, it healed well and I didn’t suffer too much in the aftermath. As a matter of fact, it hardly stopped me. Now I am raising my arm to paint. But one day, I won’t be able to. My concern is will I know when that time comes before I attempt another bike ride or to move a piece of furniture.

Last week, the NY Times had an article entitled “How To Prevent Falls“. As I read the article, a paragraph hit close to home.  In essence it said after standing on the edge of a bathtub in slippers to clean the top tiles,  the author was reminded that a little dirt never hurt anyone but a fall on a tile floor could. That should have made me call the contractor to finish the job but I didn’t. Anyway, it is done and happily no different, except for maybe a little achier,  than before I started.

I’m not out to prove anything. I just like my life with its all its activities and I like my house with its new color walls. The key here is sensibility and calculated risks. I am aging and even if I can’t do what I use to do, I still want to enjoy the rest of what I can do. Sometimes I think living in the northeast with its cold, and ice and snow isn’t right for an aging couple. On the other hand, its too beautiful here to give it up. I’ll just be careful.



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