Facebook and Me

Before there was Facebook, I was somewhat a technologically-challenged everyday person with some creative writing skills. Facebookers were colleges and university students practicing free speech within their dorms.  I longed for a means of communicating with those outside my immediate circle so, I developed my own forum in order to keep in touch with my cousins who lived in various parts of the world. I use the term cousins loosely as it is an Armenian trait where close friends become relatives, hence I have more cousins than my family produced . So my true cousins Adel and Sue in Greece followed my life through my blog and other true cousins Michael and Julia would read of my travels to Italy and California and would comment – not just like, but comment. And of course, my adopted “cousin” Diane and “cousin” Jennifer would now be in the loop too.

A writer friend (and adopted cousin) introduced me to her blog about her new life as a mother and suburban housewife. She inspired me to write my thoughts and fullfill my creative desires to anyone that would listen.  So in 2007, I started my first blog – “In The Heart of a Former Hippie”. I faithfully posted and even acquired followers that I communicated with through their blog postings.

But then, the horizons opened up and I became a Facebook addict . Somewhere around 2011, for better or worse, I discovered Facebook and it me. So did most of my cousins. They saw my activity, they would post theirs and we had dialogue or at least like each other’s posts with a thumbs up. Within social circles, I would meet one of the mothers on my son’s football team and the next thing I knew,  I got a friend invite. And then another. And so it grew.

Except for my daughter, my two sons did not friend me for several years. Then one day, I was invited. What made them change their minds, I still don’t know. I think it might have been out of pity during when I was going to college in my later years surrounded by kids their age that they thought I earned their FB friending.

It was in my Public Speaking class that I had to put a presentation together where the topic was selling a product. I came up with the idea of selling a fatuous software called “Facemask”. Facemask, I claimed, was an app that would allow you to hide your Facebook posts from those you selected not to see the truth about your online life. As part of my powerpoint, I played this video with the tag line, “Don’t let this happen to you. Be incognito with Facemask”

I got an A in the class and my sons have not de-friended me.


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