Another Experience

When I decided to retire, I had visions of working at something. What that something was changed from month to month or maybe even more often than that. It usually depended on who gave me some great idea or if I read an article in the NY Times about  some Wall Street executive who one day threw his briefcase in the nearest waterway and bought a pair of Durango boots and started herding cattle on a ranch.

So with my briefcase in the garbage, I entertained the thought of owning a bed and breakfast. Why not, I said. I was a facilities manager for many years so that certainly qualifies me to know how a house runs. I am a good cook and can make a good omelet and home fries. I actually enjoy running a house and making breakfasts.

I probably had this inspiration from remembering the Bob Newhart Show.  This was the show where he ran a B&B in Vermont with his wife and had wacky characters such as the next door neighbors, the Daryls (you know, “this here is my brother Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl” neither of whom spoke). All the characters made for a funny sitcom but in real life, it may not work so well when your maid doesn’t want to clean and the guys next door are scaring the guests. And wait, I have to be there every day! I don’t get a vacation. And all those B&Bs are old and need work!?! How long would it be before I started snarling at the unreasonable guests (as they all would be) and especially at my poor husband who warned me this was a foolhardy idea to begin with. No this luckily did not happen.

Every once in a while, I get a notification that someone I don’t know wants to connect with me on Linkedin. The poor soul thinks I still work and have some connection with the corporate world that can boost their own agenda. Little do they know my days are filled with mahjongg, gym classes and countless runs to the Shoprite as I can’t seem to even put a list together for a full week’s worth of groceries anymore. And I thought I could run a B&B – Ha!

What I have been doing is traveling. This year, for the first time, I cruised. I along with Tony and some good friends (and we are still friends) took the Viking Homeland Ocean Cruise to countries I never had on any list of “Got To See”. I loved it. It was a different experience from touring on land with its local involvement but being on the ship where everything is taken care of ain’t so bad either. A deviation from the norm turned out to be a good thing.

We’re keeping close to home during the summer months as I still love going to the Jersey shore. When we lived in Jersey, our family vacations took us further down the Parkway to Wildwood Crest and Cape May. Now, its Ocean Grove, Spring Lake and Asbury and I’m finding more new experiences that I love.

Ocean Grove




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  1. Judy Hamilton · July 22, 2018

    I love reading your posts. Have a fun time. Judy


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