Time and Money

Back when I first started blogging, I had a full time job, was in college studying for my degree, living with my patient and wonderful husband and three adult children which, and they will not argue this, was a crazy sometimes and hair raising others. Parenting never ends. Now I am retired and you would think I would have all the time in the world. Strangely, I find that my time is more limited than it was then.

My husband and I had dinner last week with dear friends who announced they were retiring in six months. The husband, however is fearing the day he wakes up without the structure of the job. I get it. The unknown is frightening, however I reminded him of how nice it is going to feel when next year the snow storm we had last Thursday where commutes were in the double digits will just mean he can sit by the fire longer with his glass of wine.

Aside from watching the morning news from my nice warm bed with reports on the daily accidents on Rte 80 with a 5 mile backup , I had to really think, just what do I do with my time. I go to the gym, play mahjong, and cook. Occasionally, I am a lady who lunches. While that sounds like my days are spent in fuzzy slippers and an oversized bathrobe, I truly do have a job albeit not a salaried one but I have the convenience of working from home.

I manage our fixed income budget to insure I can afford those clothes, shoes and most of all, our trips. Gone are the days where I must seek approval for additional funds from a penny pinching manager when a project went over-budget. Now I (and my husband) are the pinchers of pennies.

I am the technical support specialist for all our computers, iPhones and printer. Last week when installing an update on my Mac, the screen went black and would not restart. After a brief but very emotional hissy fit, I called Apple who told me to press “shift” and the power button and miraculously, the screen came to life. I have learned to fix these technological issues by the seat of my pants and some googling.

And I am the travel agent for our weekday getaways, long cruises and all other trips. It was nice having a travel agent both at work and personally who found the hotels, booked the flights and recommended tours. Now I open credit cards as often as I can with bonus points so I don’t have to pay for flights and hotels. Most recently, I booked a hotel stay in Paris and round trip flights to Greece all with points. There is a whole industry of people who work these credit cards with millions of points under their belt. Start with the Points Guy. It’s a good beginners site.

While there is no paycheck coming every week, I have made it my mission to look for ways of doing what I want within my budget. More savings, more trips, another dress. It’s my job, and I love it. Life is good.

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