Life Then and Now


Empty flight from Hawaii makes for happy us

We are all under the same mandate. Don’t go out, keep your social distance, wash, wash wash your hands. It is a different yet strange world and for sure a different life. I am adapting. So far, it isn’t that hard when you are on crutches with a fractured pelvis – I fell skiing the beginning of March and have limited mobility.  I don’t mean to be insensitive, but I may be the only person on the planet whose timing of this injury in conjunction with the pandemic may have worked in my favor. I am forced to do what I am mandated to do – stay home, suck it up and dream of better times in the future (whenever that may be).

Life before pandemic –  On March 12, I boarded a plane for a 12 day vacation in Hawaii that was planned way before anyone knew what a pandemic or coronavirus was. I  must now refer to our as National Lampoon’s Hawaii Vacation. Lousy weather was only part of it. News of the coronavirus hung over our every waking thought and that of our adult children whose phone calls reduced us to adolescents on spring break. Since, as they claimed, were raised by irresponsible baby-booming hippies, they now understand why they have such emotional instability (they do?).  We did succumbed to the warnings and left 5 days earlier than planned. I leave behind the memory of Hawaii’s supposed beautiful landscape (which I never saw due to the terrible weather) and its national cuisine of fish tacos that I hope never to experience again, Mahalo.

I have succumbed to stealing from hotels – I apologize Marriott, I stole all the extra rolls of toilet paper from the condo in Kauai hoping that the TSA inspector would not steal them from my luggage. They didn’t.

Food shopping reminds me of my youth – When we landed, we immediately headed to the grocery store, not knowing what I would find but hoping it would not be something out of a basket from the Food Network show “Chopped”. What I found was aisles full of fresh veggies and fruit but nothing in the frozen foods or cleaning supply sections. I’m thinking I should have paid more attention when in 6th grade I was told to go to the basement and cover my head and that will protect me under a nuclear attack. Everyone had their list of supplies that were stored in the basement shelter that was supposed to last until the fallout siren sounded that it was all clear. I believe that would have been within a week of the blast. I may never see bleach or hand sanitizer again.

It makes me laugh – I have been entertained by people putting up posts that make me laugh while reminding me of what life before hand sanitizers was like. Such as, if you have ever been in the bathroom of CBGB, you are immune to the coronavirus:

CBGB bathroom.jpg

If only I knew – I wish I had bought stock in companies manufacturing bleach, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer. It is most likely the only stock that has seen a rise in the last two months. I wonder if I should apply for a job at Amazon.

TV sucks – My husband and I have spent the last two weeks surfing channels and have come up with nothing worth passing on. We are definitely paying too much for cable when our go-to shows are reruns of Seinfeld and The Honeymooners.

I have come to realize that at some point, the unsung are the heroes. All those healthcare professionals, grocery store workers, delivery people and anyone else on the frontline of this pandemic. I pray for your health and commend you for being brave. Be safe.